François Plessy: Managing director

Former senior officer in the French Army, François Plessy served in the Airborne unit of the Foreign Legion, with which he participated in numerous external operations. Commanding officer of the 2nd regiment Airborne unit from 2010 to 2012, he joined the office of the Chef d’État major des armées (Chief of Defence Staff). Returning to a civilian life in 2014, François Plessy took over the management of ESEI.


Benoît de Rambures: Chief operating officer

Former senior officer in the Marine Infantry, he served for many years within Airborne and Overseas units in French overseas departments as well as in Africa: Zaire, Mauritania, and other countries in the Sahara-Sahel zone. After being in charge of the planning of multinational activities (mainly in Africa), he left the military in 2000 to coordinate the safety apparatus of a large French mining group in Niger. He joined EPEE in 2011 and later its subsidiary ESEI.


Charles-Henri de Besombes: Chief operating officer

Former senior officer in the French army, Charles- Henri de Besombes mainly served in the Airborne unit of the Foreign Legion. He participated in various external missions and was engaged for a time in the Sovereignty Forces in French Guyana. He commended the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment, and headed the “National Territory” section within the État major opérationnel des armées (Operational Defence Staff). In February 2016, he joined ESEI as Chief operating officer.

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